Auto Racing is a great sport. There is nothing like watching 43 cars going close to 200 MPH while being just inches away from each other. It takes some major grapefruits to go out on a track and do that for several hours knowing that at any moment you could get clipped and slam into an unforgiven wall. My personal favorite is NASCAR which I watch religiously every week it is on. There are other organizations out there besides NASCAR though. Here are some racing links. Check them out!

NASCAR (2001 Winston Cup Standings/2001 Winston Cup Schedule )

The Official Site of NASCAR.
CBS SportsLine NASCAR Page.
Yahoo NASCAR Page.
Stooge's Nascar Page . The Stooge does a great recap of the previous week's race. There is also a great comment board you have to visit if you are a big fan.

Check out NASCAR's Busch Series 2001 Standings and 2001 Schedule or NASCAR's Craftman Truck Series 2001 Standings and 2001 Schedule.


CART (2001 Standings/2001 Schedule )

The Official Site of CART.
CBS SportsLine CART Page.
Yahoo CART Page.

IRL (2001 Standings/2001 Schedule )

The Official Site of IRL.
CBS SportsLine IRL Page.
Yahoo IRL Page.

Other Links

CBS Sportsline Auto Racing Page.
Speedvision. An Auto Racing Page.
USA Today Auto Racing Page.
ESPN Auto Racing Page.

remains one of the most popular sports in American culture. There is just something about watching people on the gridiron. Nothing pumps me up more then watching Ray Lewis hit a running back head on in the backfield for a loss of yards. If you can't tell I am a big Raven's fan. The links below will take you to many different places dedicated to football.

Superbowl XXXV Champions Baltimore Ravens (2001 Schedule)

The Official Site of the Baltimore Ravens.
ESPN Baltimore Ravens Club House.
The Sporting News Baltimore Ravens Page.
USA Today Baltimore Ravens Page.
CBS SportsLine Baltimore Ravens Page.
Yahoo Baltimore Ravens Page.
Ravens Nest #2. A Great message board with lots of Ravens fans. You will need to get an ID to post, but its free! I have learned alot from this board about the Ravens.


Professional Football Links (Current NFL Standings)

The Official Site of the NFL.
The Official Site of NFL Europe.
The Official Site of The XFL.
The Sporting News NFL Page.
CBS SportsLine NFL Page.
USA Today NFL Page.
Yahoo NFL Page.

Baseball. Just the sound of the word makes me teary eyed. I have loved baseball for as long as I can remember. My earliest moments of baseball is when I would emulate Jim Palmer's high leg kick when he was pitching on TV. The next moment would have to be when Cal Ripken caught the final line drive in the 1983 World Series to beat the Phillies. If I could be doing one thing right now it would playing professional baseball.


Baltimore Oriole Links (2001 Schedule)

The Official Site of the Baltimore Orioles .
ESPN's Baltimore Orioles Club House.
The Sporting News Baltimore Orioles Page.
USA Today Baltimore Orioles Page.
Yahoo Baltimore Orioles Page.


Professional Baseball Links (2001 MLB Standings)

The Official Site of Major League Baseball.
ESPN Major League Baseball Page.
The Sporting News Major League Baseball Page.
CBS SportsLine Major League Baseball Page.
USA Today Major League Baseball Page.
Yahoo Major League Baseball Page.

Basketball . Even the popularity of the NBA in America has not swayed me to become an everyday watcher of professional basketball, although I do watch a game or two from time to time. I tend to pay more attention to College Basketball, especially the ACC and the Terps. Here are my basketball links.

Men's Professional Basketball Links (Current NBA Standings)

The Official Site of the NBA.
The Sporting News NBA Page.
CBS SportsLine NBA Page.
USA Today NBA Page.
Yahoo NBA Page.

Women's Professional Basketball Links (2001 WNBA Standings)

The Official Site of the WNBA.
CBS SportsLine WNBA Page.
USA Today WNBA Page.
Yahoo WNBA Page.


College Basketball Links ( Maryland Terps Schedule)

The Official Site of the Maryland Terps Mens Basketball .
The Official Site of ACC Mens Basketball . Click here for the Current ACC Men's Standings.
ESPN College Basketball Page.
The Sporting News College Basketball Page.
CBS SportsLine College Basketball Page.
USA Today College Basketball Page.
Yahoo College Basketball Page.

Bowling is the biggest recreational sport in America with over 10 million participants per year. Bowling has also become a very popular professional sport with the likes of Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Parker Bohn III , Chris Barnes and of course the 2 Baltimore Bowlers: Danny Wiseman & Tim Criss .


Bowling Organizations( 2001 PBA Tour Schedule)

The official site of the PBA .
The official site of the ABC (American Bowling Congress).
The official site of the Amatuer Bowling Tour. Members can particpate in tournaments in PA, NJ, DE and MD.


Bowling Companies

AMF's Official Site.
Brunswick's Official Site.
Columbia 300's Official Site.
Ebonite's Official Site.
Faball's (i.e. Hammer) Official Site.
Storm's Official Site.
Track's Official Site.


Bowling Tournaments

The Official Page of Amateur Bowling has information about tournaments.
Kegler Bowling Tournament Guide for info about tournaments around the world.


Other Bowling Links! An awesome site that has information on lots of stuff including ABC, WIBC, YABA and more!. Download Flash3, if you don't already have it, when you get to the page.
The World Of Bowling has "a world" of information about bowling.
The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. If you have the guts, try their Trivia Quiz.
Bowling World.
Official Home of the Bohn Zone. Official Home of Parker Bohn III's fanclub.
Official site of College Bowling.